Unique features rendered by Bizbilla.com


Bizbilla.com is one of the best b2b portal which enables business experts to promote their business worldwide. It provides different services to business persons and it acts as a ladder to lift their business to greater heights. Basic services offered by bizbilla.com are business classifieds, b2b classifieds and business banners. These services can be availed by becoming a member in bizbilla.com. Respective services can be selected by the business professionals according to their business needs. Businessmen can buy basic business classifieds, verified business classifieds and pro business classifieds, can purchase basic b2b classifieds and verified b2b classifieds, can upgrade premium membership and can become a verified member.

Features of the services provided by Bizbilla.com will be enhanced in accordance with the services bought by business professionals. It renders options to book banners in different pages inside the portal. Bizbilla.com members can book super deal showcase, featured premium supplier, banner on Bizbilla.com, banner on country.bizbilla.com, banner on home page of city.bizbilla.com and also can book bulk banners on the pages of city.bizbilla.com. Basic and common features that can be utilized by businessmen are attractive HTML5 Webpage, responsively designed websites, contact us web form, SEO settings, CMS tool, Google Map, SEM, SEP, SMM, SMO URL customization, Website promotion, free membership and reviews are made available.


Bizbilla.com renders additional and featured services for the businessmen availing a particular service. Verified business classifieds has verified seal in addition to the basic features. Business Classifieds Pro added to basic features provides post discount offers, verified seal and android app. Verified b2b classifieds enables to post images and video added with basic features. Free member can become verified member and get a verified seal by upgrading membership. By upgrading premium membership business expert can get global exposure, create own website, will get reward points, can showcase products attractively, will get priority listings, can make use of powerful business tools, can advertise, can do promotional activities, can make use of blog, business news letters, global database, value added services, press release and article.

Premium member of Bizbilla.com can also connect with businesses worldwide by matching business and they will also be provided Halal seal and E- Catolog. Other features included in bizbilla.com are booking value added services like super deals to increase quality of inquiries to the suppliers and to enable buyers to source suppliers easily, featured premium suppliers to maximize visibility of business. Banners will appear in home page of bizbilla.com, country.bizbilla.com page, city.bizbilla.com page, home page of city.bizbilla.com and in pages of city.bizbilla.com according to the price given by the businessmen.


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