Travel And Tourism Services In Bizbilla


Travel and tourism is the largest service sector all over the world. It provides heritage, spiritual, education, medical, business and sports tourism. The main objective of travel and tourism sector is to develop and promote tourism. To maintain competitiveness in tourist destination, improve and expand existing travel and tourism to ensure employment generation and economic growth. In travel and tourism sector they provide various information of tourist destinations, mode of travel, accommodation and travel agents.


The term travel may origin from from the Old French word travail. Travel is the movement of people from one place to another. This can be for temporary and for a short period of time. Mode of transport used for travel are bus, train, boat, ship, airplane or with help of other means.

Tourism is the travel for various purpose like leisure, recreation, religious, business it is usually for a limited time period. It is a popular leisure activity all over the world. Now a days tourism is the vital source of income for many countries. Tourism brings large amount of income to the country.

Bizbilla is one of the emerging online b2b platform in the world. You can post your travel and tourism service in bizbilla by doing this you can get lot of tourist from domestic as well as international level. Bizbilla will help you to improve your service to reach a great extent.


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