Value Added Services in Bizbilla one of the best b2b marketplace in the world has offered innovative value added services for the businesses that are associated with it. It enables manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, companies, businesses, dealers, agents, retailers and sellers to post their products and expose their business and products worldwide.  There are two main value added services in bizbilla which include the super deals and featured premium supplier.

bizbilla-super deals

Business Professionals are provided with best product showcasing and business promotion opportunities in the global b2bportal bizbilla. The Super deals allow suppliers to showcase their products in a way to attract the genuine and regular buyers. It assists suppliers to gain more quality inquiries and to maximize the number of buyers.  It will be a time saving factor for the buyers who spend most their time in searching for the right suppliers, by providing information of the super deal booked supplier in the main page of bizbilla. It is a built-in advertising tool which is available at reasonable price.

bizbilla-premim suppliers

The premium suppliers  are encapsulated with the various promotional opportunities in order to increase the visitors featured by bizbilla. The Logo, products, services and name of the business or company will be exhibited in the home page of bizbilla on priority basis. This will help featured premium suppliers to gain more genuine buyers by suggesting them as the best supplier for all the buying needs of the buyers. It enables buyers to make a clear and quick decision about the particular supplier on the basis of trust and consistency. It provides devoted position and assurance for the businesses to promote their brand image in order to attain focus of the buyers.


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