Do you wanna become verified member in Bizbilla?

Have a desire to become verified member in b2b portal? Its quiet easy and simple. You just need to fill the details about your company. It will make you stand unique. Being a verified member, it makes your business trustworthy and enables you to find the right and genuine business partner for your business dealing.

When you get a verified membership with bizbilla, you will be getting a verified seal on your profile for service validation and verification that creates good image and trust among buyers. As a verified member, you can get your company and products listed in priority search results as well as in bizbilla listing pages. This enables you to get direct access to buying needs of mass customer and serve accordingly which enables you to get more business inquiries.


The membership also enables you to verify your credit, business and legal information about business entities. Bizbilla advertise your service and product to global audience view and display your company logo in its home page for great reach and recognition. Nowadays buyers are much informed and thus they prefer to do their business transaction with certified businesses.

The portal does promotions prominently for your product and services to inform customers on your offerings. The verification is valid for one year and you can renew it at any time even after expiration. Verified membership gives your business competitive edge and will boost your business towards success ensuring profitable business ahead.


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