State of b2b social media marketing 2015

Digital revolution has brought a drastic change in the way we work and communicate. Today everything has gone digitized and now the situation is like we can’t survive even an hour without digital technology. We highly rely on this technology for all our needs let it be for business, education or general search we depend on Internet.

If we view from business point, digital impact is massive..Business transactions have undergone tremendous change and business people have realized the importance of digital medium. Things have changed a lot in terms of business transactions, previously entrepreneurs spend much time, cost and effort for setting up a business. But now, the scenario is completely different.

State of B2B marketing

Today with the use of internet business people are transacting and managing businesses online effectively saving their time, cost and effort. Previously, marketers spend much on advertising and tradeshows for popularizing their service to public. Now, with the advent of social media and other business networking sites their cost and strains are reduced to greater extent. Simply by creating a business page in the social sites they can link with their business associates and expand their reach and network for successful business ahead.

The key findings of research on b2b social media marketing 2015 is that b2b marketers are investing more on digital channels, as traditional channels are getting out of trend. Videos and webcasts are getting more importance in the current digital trend were 94% of businesses says, they opt social media marketing to create brand awareness and get good response while 93% choose twitter as the most used social media platform, 88% say they have integrated their social media marketing with their overall marketing program, 82% of marketers say their organizations invest in social media marketing, 52% respondents say they expect their social media budget to go up in the next 12 months.

So it’s quite predictable that digital marketing will dominate the business market in the upcoming years!!!!!





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