B2B Digital Marketing Trends

The trends in B2B marketing is changing year by year with the advanced technologies and increase in Internet users. We are near to the end of this year (2015) and we are waiting for the new successful year (2016) & challenges. All you have to do is to re-evaluate the B2B marketing strategies that you have used and think about the innovative marketing strategies that you need to implement in the upcoming year. Evaluating B2B marketing strategies means analyzing what are the strategies that worked and what doesn’t work.


There are many marketing strategies and now let’s discuss about best B2B marketing strategies in 2016 that have to be followed for standing out from the competition:-

  • Make use of new technologies and adopt marketing automation in order to integrate marketing system. Be a tech savvy to cope up with recent trends.
  • The perfect digital marketing platform and lead generation tool for B2B marketers would be social Media. So, make use of social media for B2B marketing.
  • Content marketing plays a vital role in B2B marketing. Produce effective, engaging and variety of content consistently.
  • Make B2B marketing data rich which means use evidence based strategy and tech generated insights.
  • Video pop up Ads are going to be dominant in B2B digital marketing.
  • Apps will be indexed more and it is expected to be more instinctive, suitable and handy. So, start doing App store optimization.
  • Mobile focused B2B digital marketing will be preferred than Desktop.
  • Optimizing according to the digital assistants in a new way is going to be followed for getting business information.
  • Virtual reality will come into view with the arrival of different virtual reality devices.
  • Wearable smart devices will change the local marketing features and bridge the gap between internet marketing and real marketing.
  • Online advertising prices are likely to increase.

Keep all this in mind, think forward and prepare for the new era in B2B marketing.


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