Get Worldwide Banks List At

You can find information about the different types of banks and its branches across the world in the largest B2B marketplace – Bizbilla. Bank is a money exchange platform that deals with money, provides financial services, connects the depositors and borrowers, allows depositing money, lends money, clear cheque; transmit monetary policy and pays interest. Banking plays a vital role in the economic development of a country.

The largest Global business database of Bizbilla lists out the details and contact information of bank such as bank name, branch name, bank address, telephone number, fax number, E-mail id and website name. It includes Commercial banks, Community development banks, Private Banks, Government banks, PSU banks, offshore banks, Ethical banks, Investment banks, Merchant banks, Universal banks, Central banks, Islamic banks, Credit union banks and Postal savings banks. For your banking queries you can contact the respective bank and get the needed details.


In Bizbilla, the leading B2B portal, you can get details of banks and its branches in a particular country, banks of that country in other countries and various countries banks in that country. For example if you consider Indian banks, you can find information about all banks in India, Indian banks in Foreign and Foreign banks in India. You can search for the bank that you need by entering the name of the bank in the search box given in the top of bank details listed page of the respective country.

Get to know the bank and branches details of all 250 countries in Bizbilla.


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