Technology In Vision 2020


The “Vision 2020” is raising the importance of India getting a global presence in various sectors. Meanwhile, technology has a great role in it. India is stepping ahead in the aspects of technology.

Technology is a key driver to empower the individuals, societies and countries, facilitate development and enhance capabilities, while taking advantage of the democratic dividend,” says an official document on ‘Technology Vision 2035’.

The articulates of the vision for all Indians on technology will bring it to fruition, keeping in view basic needs of security and prosperity.

TIFAC, the technology information, forecasting and assessment council asserted that No other country will be able to match India in terms of diversity, which is its core strength. Besides diversity in culture, the country is blessed with socio-economic, demographic, topographical and agro-climatic diversities.

As an autonomous body, Tifac is a think tank under the science and technology department of the central government. It identified 10 major challenges requiring attention, resources and solutions in the next two decades for the benefit of people.

The key challenges are development, empowerment, inclusiveness, sustainability, environment, education, health, urban infrastructure, resources, socio-economic policies, solutions, electronic communication and quality research.

The council, under the chairmanship of top nuclear scientist-cum-technocrat Anil Kakodkar, identified 12 sectors to realize the grand vision in the next 20 years, spanning education, medical sciences and healthcare, food and agriculture, water, energy, environment, habitat, transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing, materials and information and communication technology (ICT).

RBI governor Mr. Raghuram rajan says “Post-independent India has never been more different in any two decades than between 1996 and 2014, as the country’s GDP multiplied six times. If the 1996 document was an aspiration of a developed India in 2020, this speaks to the realisation of a developed India by 2035.”

Our PM Narendra modi says “I am confident that emerging technologies like nano, bio, robotics, sensors, artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences hold the potential to provide solutions to the challenge of limited resources.”


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