Mobile marketing trends 2016


Being a partner in every individual’s life, mobile has created a perfect place in our digital lifestyle. For purchasing a product or searching information, the first option that everyone’s hands go is towards mobile. Understanding the current situation, businesses have started to make mobile marketing more effective for reaching their target customers.

Mobile is a platform where our customers spend most of their time and the timing & ratio of users is expected to increase more in upcoming days. Hence, mobile marketing is important to reach potential customers and for giving them an exciting experience. With the new technology updates, mobile marketing will occupy an integral part in every business.

Here are some mobile marketing trends that will help you in succeeding in your business:-

Focus on the particular customer knowing their availability to engage with you, understand their buying process and analyze how they use their mobile to search for information to buy a product. Make yourself available to the customers when they need any information from you and provide appropriate details. Ask the customers about their preferable way and time they need the information to be delivered before sending it. Reduce the steps involved in searching for a product or information.

Make use of mobile apps for attracting the audience and this have to be based on regular activities of customers. As E-mail is used by many people, check the readability and interpretation of email on mobile devices. To improve your brand awareness, make mobile search (text, audio and video) effective and claim your location on maps. Track the mobile research and purchase so as to know the way customer moves on for buying a product.

The key point of mobile marketing is delivering the right content to the right people at the right time knowing their preference (which means where they are and what they are doing).  Deep understanding on the audience can help you to succeed in mobile marketing.


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