Current Affairs -Industrial Business


News is a kind of information that publish and not previously known to someone. News available in different types of sources such as Newspaper, T.V, Radio, Magazines, and others. Most of the people like to read news daily for general information, sports, politics, advertisements, Business, and others that why they have to collect daily newspaper, spend time by sitting in front of T.V and listening to radio.  But for Busy people who deal with Business, Office work and other, they won’t have much time to read newspaper, watching T.V and Listening Radio for news. In This case according to new modern technology world all people can read daily news, anyplace, anytime with the help of new advance technology Known as “News Apps”.

News Apps” is a self used program or piece of software that design to fulfill a particular purpose especially for all types of news, and the can easily downloaded by user to a mobile device.  By Using these News Apps it really helpful for each an everyone to get daily updates news, read anytime anyplace and even chance to read old news if they miss it.



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