Bizbilla is Gearing Up to Launch B2B Mobile Apps

Bizbilla – The leading global b2b trade portal; is launching its Android & iOS application to get business simple.


B2B has gained a lot more attention from 2017; numerous companies have placed their focus on b2b portal development. Though there appear several competitors in the field, has been emerging as one of the fastest growing portals among the other b2b trade portals.

Bizbilla has already making benchmarks in the field of the b2b portal by launching fresh, attractive and unique features such as 360 degree 3D animation product view, which is a new feature in the b2b industry.

Now, Bizbilla has engaged in the process making b2b business simple for its members. They have decided to launch the Bizbilla b2b mobile application for both Android and iOS users. The mobile app is user-friendly and uncomplicated to access. Members can carry out their business traction, converse with their customers and close a business deal in a wink. b2b native android and the iOS mobile apps will bang the mobile app store very soon.

Send your email id to We will surely intimate you after apps launched on play store and iTunes.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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